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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

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Cat liking human finger.

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Does your cat ever lick you? Have you ever ever questioned why they do it?

Cats aren’t precisely infamous for his or her outward affection. We people are inclined to assume that when considered one of our pets licks us, it’s the equal of a “kiss,” and it’s a strategy to present love.

Whereas love and adoration could also be one purpose why your cat is licking you, listed below are a number of different causes as to why you might be receiving sandpaper kisses.

They’re Marking You

cat licking human's nose

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Cats use licking as a method of marking territory. Licking you marks you along with your kitty’s distinctive scent, establishing the truth that you’re their human.

Mama cats lick their kittens as a method of exhibiting the world they’re hers, and your cat might be doing the identical factor to you.

Cats and kittens will lick one another as a method of social bonding, and you’re being accepted and welcomed into your cat’s interior circle.

You Want To Be Clear

cat licking hand

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As soon as your cat has established that you just belong to them, they could proceed to lick you in try to groom you.

Mom cats additionally use licking as a method of cleansing their kittens, and your cat is continuous the custom their mom taught them.

In case your cat is licking you as a method of grooming, you ought to be honored, as that exhibits how snug and safe they really feel round you.

You Are A Pacifier Substitute

cat licking finger

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Cats who’re weaned too early or had been orphaned are liable to creating oral fixations that make them extreme lickers.

They missed out on the weaning course of at a younger, pivotal stage, so they could have some leftover licking and suckling habits because of this.

Your Cat Is Anxious

cat with tongue out

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Extreme licking out of your cat can be an indication of hysteria. Some cats could even lick themselves—or your arm–bald resulting from extreme stress and anxiousness.

In case your cat appears to be licking and grooming resulting from anxiousness or stress, pinpoint what the supply of hysteria is and take away it. If it isn’t that easy or you may’t determine an apparent set off, discuss to your vet about anxiousness remedies.

How To Curb Your Cat’s Licking

cat licking finger

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An occasional kiss out of your cat is sweet, however having your worn uncooked by the tough texture of your cat’s tongue is just not.

In case your cat can’t appear to cease licking you, there are a number of methods you may deter them from the conduct. Attempt distracting your cat with some interactive play or with some play-inducing cat nip.

In case your cat nonetheless can’t appear to cease licking you, reprimanding will seemingly not assist. Their licking is pure and for essentially the most half, an indication of affection or bonding.

If distraction strategies don’t work, attempt giving your cat a pleasant, deep therapeutic massage. Reciprocating the love on this trend will help curb any compulsive must mark you, since you are exhibiting them how a lot you care, as nicely.

A behaviorist, coach, or veterinarian may give you recommendation for figuring out the causes and correcting the conduct if all else fails.

Is your cat an extreme licker? Do you thoughts it? Tell us within the feedback.


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