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Why Do Cats Sleep So A lot? 5 Details About Sleeping Cats

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Why do cats sleep a lot? Our feline buddies are true masters at falling asleep any time, anywhere, below any circumstances. Even a cursory net search will reveal 1000’s of pictures of sleeping cats in cute or loopy positions. However why do cats sleep a lot, and what occurs of their minds after they’re sleeping? Have they got sleep cycles like folks do? Learn on to seek out out extra about sleeping cats.

1. All that sleeping is in your cat’s genes

An orange tabby cat sleeping with his eyes closed.

An orange tabby cat sleeping along with his eyes closed. Images ©Ryhor Bruyeu | iStock / Getty Photos Plus.

When answering the query, “Why do cats sleep a lot?” let’s first take a look at how lengthy cats sleep. Cats can sleep as a lot as 16 hours a day, and older cats spend much more time at relaxation — as a lot as 20 hours a day. That sleeping behavior is a results of the cat’s evolution, dietary habits and physiology. Within the wild, cats must hunt in an effort to eat, and the stalking, chasing and killing of prey burns a whole lot of power. Sleeping helps cats preserve power between meals.

2. Cats aren’t all the time snoozing

One other factor to contemplate when considering, “Why do cats sleep a lot?” is how they sleep. Of the time cats spend sleeping, about three quarters of it’s what we’d name snoozing. In that state, cats can get all the remainder they want, however they’re nonetheless alert sufficient to awaken at a second’s discover. You possibly can inform when a cat is in gentle sleep as a result of their ears will twitch and rotate towards noises and their eyes will likely be open a tiny bit. Even after they’re sitting upright, cats can slip into that dozing mode.

three. Cats do, nevertheless, sleep deeply and even dream

The remaining quarter of cats’ sleeping hours is spent in deep sleep, however older cats may spend as a lot as 30 p.c or 40 p.c of the time at that stage. Cats in deep sleep are normally curled up with their eyes tightly closed. Typically, they may even have their tail over their face, like a fluffy sleep masks. Deep sleep is vital for the physique’s potential to regenerate itself and keep wholesome. It’s additionally the time when your cat goals. In the event you’ve seen your cat’s whiskers or paws twitching whereas she’s asleep, there’s a very good likelihood she’s dreaming.

four. Some cats do snore after they sleep

Cat loud night breathing occurs when the airway is obstructed by further pores and skin from the taste bud. That is almost definitely to occur when your cat is relaxed, so it wouldn’t be outrageous to note your cat sawing some tiny little logs once in a while. Loud night breathing is extra more likely to happen in short-nosed or brachycephalic cat breeds such because the Persian, Himalayan or Unique Shorthair.

5. A change in your cat’s sleeping habits could possibly be an indication of bother

When asking, “Why do cats sleep a lot?” you may additionally marvel if there’s some such factor as an excessive amount of — or too little — sleep. In case your cat begins sleeping much more or loads lower than common, contact your veterinarian. Extreme sleep could possibly be an indication of sickness or ache, whereas frequent wakefulness can point out an issue similar to hyperthyroidism.

Inform us: Do your cats have any odd — or cute — sleeping behaviors? Please share them within the feedback!

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