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Tips on how to Hold Cats Off Counters

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Many cats naturally aspire to nice heights, which implies they generally land on counters, a standard no-no in households. Those that want to change this counter-cruising behavior usually marvel if there’s a tried-and-true answer. There are just a few options, and step one is figuring out the explanation why the cat gravitates to the elevated counter area.

Causes cats like to leap on counters

There are fascinating objects — like meals — readily accessible.
The counter is a “roadway” to an attractive spot, like a windowsill.
There’s contemporary, operating/dripping water accessible from a sink.
They’re bored.
They merely benefit from the elevation.

Methods to maintain cats off of counters

Hold the counter area away from alluring objects. This implies inserting meals in cupboards and re-homing bag clips and different toy-like objects.

Add a tall cat condominium or tree to fulfill the cat’s want for peak. If attainable, place it by a favourite window so kitty has straightforward, “authorized” entry to the spot. Or create a brand new favourite perch by inserting a chook feeder exterior a window.

A cat next to garlic cloves on a kitchen counter.

A cat subsequent to garlic cloves on a kitchen counter. Images © kazoka30 | iStock / Getty Photos Plus.

Restore leaky taps, eliminating the draw of operating water accessible by counter entry. Maybe supply the cat a water fountain that gives contemporary, transferring refreshment — on the ground.

If a chair helps kitty soar, take away it.

Enhance playtime with a cat who’s simply bored. Generally counter cruising conduct is a cry for consideration, and further engagement with kitty can fulfill that want and burn further power.

Cats don’t like sticky surfaces. Add double-sided tape to 1 aspect of low cost, plastic placemats and line the counter area with them. If the cat jumps onto the counter, the discomfort will doubtless trigger her to retreat.

Reward optimistic conduct. If kitty jumps onto the cat tree as an alternative of the counter, reward her with further pets and a focus or an occasional deal with. Animals repeat what advantages them.


Don’t punish the cat. He doesn’t make the connection between the punishment and the conduct that resulted within the punishment. Verbal and bodily punishment can create concern of the human and even trigger the cat to behave out.

Some people depend on a sprig bottle as a deterrent to counter cruising. Sadly, this methodology creates a damaging affiliation between the human and the spray bottle — not essentially between the bottle and the conduct. Moreover, kitty might proceed with the conduct when the human isn’t round, which doesn’t in the end change the issue.

There are questions of safety related to leaping onto a counter. Sizzling surfaces can burn delicate paws, and harmful kitchen objects like knives pose a menace to curious kitties.

People — particularly these with compromised or weak immune techniques — may very well be in danger for sanitary points related to micro organism from soiled feline paws.

Be sure that all relations are onboard with the plan. Consistency is vital relating to conduct modification.

If all makes an attempt to derail counter cruising don’t appear to work, contact a cat behaviorist for a session.

Dr. Marci Koski of Feline Conduct Options advises, “With regards to coaching cats to curb behaviors, the vital factor is to supply an acceptable outlet for the necessity that drives them to that conduct within the first place. This contains scratching furnishings, ambushing individuals for play and, sure, leaping up on counter tops. Simply since you inform them ‘Don’t do this!’ doesn’t imply that the instinctual drive to do a conduct stops — they’ve a necessity that should be met in another manner. Cats who wish to counter surf wish to be up excessive to see what’s happening, so give them a spot to try this — an alternate — that works for each of you. In case your cat is doing it as a result of she’s hungry, holding meals off the counters will assist, however she’ll nonetheless be hungry; feed her extra frequent, smaller meals, or use meals puzzles to assist meet her wants.”

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