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The ‘Cat Handshake’: How To Introduce Your self To A New Cat

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Have you ever ever questioned why individuals who don’t like cats are sometimes the primary individuals cats will hunt down in a room?

It’s not simply because many cats wish to be unbiased and unpredictable. In truth, the way in which that these individuals work together with cats can present some fairly sturdy clues about one of the simplest ways to introduce your self to a cat.

What’s one of the simplest ways to do a “cat handshake” and make a terrific feline first impression? Listed below are some suggestions for introducing your self to a cat correctly.

Don’t Pet A Cat With out An Invitation

One factor individuals who don’t like cats do isn’t pet the cat instantly.

Cats will shrink back from strangers who’re overly outgoing. Individuals who keep away from kitties and don’t attempt to pet them find yourself really serving to them by giving them extra time to regulate to the human presence.

The lesson is that this: Let a brand new cat strategy you first. Don’t pet them till they strategy you and provide you with an invite.

Pet A New Cat Fastidiously And Slowly


Individuals who don’t like cats additionally are typically slower of their actions. Don’t squeal over a brand new cat and attempt to pet too quick or tough once they strategy you.

As an alternative, simply provide your hand to them, knuckles first. Give them an opportunity to smell your hand and get used to your scent.

Then they could push your hand with their head. Pet softly and never for too lengthy at first. With a brand new cat, it’s all about enjoying onerous to get.

Avert Your Eyes And Then Do A Sluggish Blink

A ginger cat lays on the bed and sleeps with closed eyes and pulling out the front paws. Shallow focus and grey blurred background.

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Individuals who don’t like cats are inclined to additionally avert their eyes or take a look at cats for only a second at a time. For some cause, cats like this from new individuals!

So don’t stare proper into kitty’s eyes for an extended time period. Once you do have their consideration, do a sluggish blink. Which means you shut your eyes slowly, maintain them closed for a minute, after which open them slowly whereas trying on the cat.

In cat language, this implies “I belief you.”

Watch Out For These Indicators

Some cats are simply too shy or too feral to bond with you the primary time you meet them.

If a brand new cat is hissing, twitching their tail, hissing, or simply working away from you, don’t attempt to pet them.

Should you prolong your hand and so they run away like they’re scared, then don’t attain out to them once more till they strategy you and get even nearer to you. Shy cats have to really feel like they’re accountable for the interactions.

Introductory Play

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If you wish to draw a brand new cat out of their shell, typically a great toy is the way in which to do it. Play time that includes stalking or swatting is greatest.

A wand toy that has a feather on the finish could be actually robust for a cat to withstand. A cat laser pointer toy that shines a purple dot may additionally get them to play a little bit.

Bear in mind, when interacting with a brand new cat, the secret’s to proceed slowly and even be aloof for awhile till the cat approaches you. If the cat belongs to a good friend, ask if the cat is shy or likes to be petted. Then let the cat make the primary transfer.

Should you observe the following pointers, you’ll have a brand new good friend earlier than you already know it!

Have you ever ever launched your self to a brand new cat? Obtained any suggestions for inexperienced persons? Tell us within the feedback beneath!


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