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Ribbon And Cats: How Harmful Is Ribbon?

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cat biting ribbon

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It’s no secret that cats have an affinity for taking part in with ribbon.

Something that falls underneath the umbrella of ribbon-like objects, corresponding to string, yarn, twine, tinsel, shoelaces, and even rubber bands have caught many a curious cat’s eye throughout playtime.

However do you have to let your cat play with ribbon? Is it even secure? Right here’s what you might want to learn about cats and ribbon or stringy objects.

Is Ribbon Secure For My Cat To Play With?

Enjoying with ribbon in a supervised state of affairs needs to be pretty secure. For instance, if you’re taking part in together with your cat by teasing them with a ribbon that they’ll playfully bat, then that could be a secure and enjoyable approach to play. Chasing stringy objects may also present a wholesome dose of train and psychological stimulation to your kitty.

In case you’re in a roundabout way supervising or interacting together with your cat throughout playtime, then ribbon–together with another stringy object or materials–is just not a secure toy to your cat.

Whereas most cats will merely bat at and possibly chew on the ribbon, there are cats who choose to eat the item. Ingesting such objects can have doubtlessly lethal penalties to your cat.

Why Is Ribbon Harmful For Cats?

cat wrapped in ribbon

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If a kitty has ever licked you, you then’re acquainted with the sandpaper-like texture of a cat’s tongue. The tiny barbs on their tongue are helpful for lots of issues, corresponding to grooming and consuming prey within the wild.

The course of the barbs of the tongue don’t enable a cat to simply spit something out–they often need to swallow. So if a cat has an finish of ribbon caught on their tongue, they could find yourself swallowing your complete ribbon.

When cats eat ribbon or lengthy, thread-like objects, just a few issues can occur. If the piece is sufficiently small, your cat might move it or vomit it again up. It is a fortunate state of affairs for a cat who eats ribbon.

If the ribbon or thread is lengthy or thick, it will probably result in a life-threatening situation often known as gastrointestinal obstruction as a result of linear overseas physique.

Linear overseas our bodies develop in cats after they eat ribbon. This implies one finish of the ribbon is lodged someplace in your cat’s GI tract whereas the remainder of it’s making an attempt to get handed by means of. As your cat’s intestinal tract tries to maneuver the trapped ribbon alongside, the gut plicates, or bunches up.

Think about drawstring pants. In case you knotted one facet and pulled the opposite facet as laborious as you can, the fabric of the waistband would bunch up. That is what occurs to your cat’s intestines with a linear overseas physique obstruction.

This situation can result in a lack of blood provide to tissue within the space of the plication, inflicting that tissue to die.

In excessive conditions, the gut can work so laborious that it rips close to the plication, permitting GI waste to enter into the belly cavity. This may end up in loss of life if not handled.

Ought to You Take Your Cat To The Veterinarian If They Ate Ribbon?

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Linear overseas our bodies are a surgical emergency in cats. The longer your cat has a linear overseas physique, like ribbon, lodged of their GI tract, the larger the well being dangers turn out to be.

Surgical procedures for eradicating ribbon from the GI tract are thought-about riskier than different overseas physique elimination eventualities.

Prevention is essential in relation to life or loss of life surgical procedures brought on by ribbons or another linear overseas our bodies. Don’t let your cat play with ribbon on their very own. When you’ve got any stringy toys that you just like to make use of to play together with your cat, make certain they’re securely put away every time you aren’t residence.

Take further precaution throughout holidays and celebrations so your cat doesn’t unintentionally ingest tinsel, streamers, or ribbon used to wrap items.

In case you suspect your cat has eaten ribbon or stringy materials, contact your veterinarian ASAP. Your vet might have you ever monitor your cat for just a few hours to see if it passes naturally, or they could have you ever are available instantly to get x-rays and decide a course of remedy.

Both method, having your vet concerned is one of the simplest ways to verify ribbon doesn’t turn out to be a overseas linear physique in your cat’s GI tract.

Do you play with ribbon together with your cat? Have you ever ever needed to go to the vet as a result of your cat swallowed a stringy merchandise? Tell us within the feedback under!


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