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So many love cats. In any case, when you go by the numbers, cats are ‘Man’s greatest pal.’ Based on the American Pet Merchandise Affiliation (APPA), there are simply over 94 million pet cats in America, in comparison with slightly below 90 million canines. That quantity doesn’t embody the clowder of caretakers who watch over group cats.

Whereas cats proceed to lag behind canines of their medical care, that’s altering, because of millennials who’re particularly driving that change. Even parasite safety is up for cats.


Additionally, based on the APPA, gross sales of cat toys are on the rise, and likewise scratching posts. There’s no laborious information to exhibit this, however declaws seem like on the decline as effectively.


Who would have thought 20 years in the past that folks might go to their computer systems and watch no matter they need by way of providers like YouTube or Vimeo, and that tens of millions of individuals on daily basis would watch cats! And that particular person cats would turn into family names, like Grumpy Cat or Cole and Marmalade?


Who would have thought there can be cafés throughout the nation the place you may sip espresso, learn the newspaper — or higher but make amends for cat information in Catster — and hang around with cats? And that cat yoga would even be a factor? Or that folks would stroll on the road with cats in a stroller?


And eventually, analysis facilities are starting to assist research to additional perceive the human-animal bond relating to cats. Clearly, these facilities are lagging behind a bit — as that bond is way extra palpable in the present day than ever earlier than.


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