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Constipation In Cats: Signs, Causes, & Remedies

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Constipation is a comparatively frequent downside in cats. It’s most continuously seen in older cats however can happen at any age.

Though it is not uncommon, it’s best to take it significantly in case your cat exhibits signs. When cats endure from constipation, their colons take up water from the feces saved there. This makes their stools laborious and dry, which makes them much more tough to go. This can lead to extra straining, ache, and additional issues.

Cats who expertise constipation usually can develop an enlarged colon, which can’t be fastened with out surgical procedure. Because of this it’s finest to seek the advice of your veterinarian in case your cat exhibits signs.

Right here’s what it’s best to know in regards to the signs, causes, and coverings of constipation in cats.

Signs Of Constipation In Cats

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The most typical symptom of constipation is straining, both within the litter field or exterior of it. Nevertheless, it is very important set up whether or not your cat is straining to urinate or defecate.

Urinary issues could cause the same sort of straining and the shortcoming to urinate is an emergency state of affairs that requires instant veterinary care.

Cats with constipation usually go small quantities of very laborious feces that could be blood-tinged. The urge for food could also be depressed and your cat could seem sluggish. Some cats will vomit.

Causes Of Constipation In Cats

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There are numerous issues that may trigger feline constipation, together with:

Ingestion of extra quantities of hair whereas grooming (hairballs)Ingestion of international materialsDehydrationObesityDiseases, comparable to kidney failure, that may trigger adjustments in your cat’s blood electrolyte levelsPelvic obstructions that will happen because of earlier fractures or different injuriesTumors or growths within the digestive tract

Therapy Of Constipation In Cats

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Therapy of constipation in cats usually depends upon the underlying trigger.

In case you suspect your cat could also be affected by dehydration, present them with loads of contemporary water. Some cats don’t drink sufficient water. You might want to strive a cat water fountain or a supply of operating water, as many cats favor this to water from a bowl.

Some cats’ constipation clears up after they eat a spoonful of pureed pumpkin or one other supply of fiber. It’s your decision strive including this to your cat’s meal.

Nevertheless, it in the end is finest to seek the advice of your veterinarian. In case your cat suffers from weight problems, they will suggest food regimen adjustments and train. If there’s an underlying situation, your vet will decide what it’s and deal with it.

Your vet also can suggest treatment, prescribe an enema, or manually take away feces from an impacted colon.

Enemas of a number of totally different varieties are used to deal with constipation. Don’t use over-the-counter enemas accessible for human use with out vet approval. Many of those are poisonous to cats.

Different drugs that could be useful within the therapy of constipation embrace:

Stool softeners comparable to laxatives, DSS (dioctylsodium sulfosuccinate), or lactuloseDrugs that enhance intestinal motility comparable to cisapride or bisacodyl

A dietary change can also be generally profitable for cats with constipation.

Some cats reply finest to a low-residue food regimen that’s extremely digestible and promotes a smaller quantity of feces. These diets can be found commercially as therapeutic diets.Different cats could do higher with a food regimen that’s larger in fiber. In case your cat is not going to tolerate the high fiber industrial diets, you may add canned pumpkin to their food regimen. You can even add sure fiber dietary supplements to your cat’s meals. Seek the advice of your veterinarian for the correct dose.

Obstipation Versus Constipation

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Obstipation is a extreme type of constipation through which the cat’s colon is distended and filled with a considerable amount of very laborious feces.

Cats which can be obstipated are very uncomfortable and can pressure, cease consuming, turn out to be torpid, and vomit. Liquid feces could generally be handed across the fecal mass main a cat proprietor to consider that the cat has diarrhea.

Therapy of obstipation could require your cat to bear anesthesia with the intention to have the laborious feces manually faraway from the colon. Fluid administration to fight dehydration and enemas to assist soften the feces are required, additionally.

The dietary adjustments and drugs generally used for constipation are often used for these cats, as nicely.

When To Search Veterinary Care

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In case your cat has stopped consuming, is vomiting or appears uncomfortable, it’s time to search veterinary assist.

Recurrent episodes of constipation will necessitate blood and urine testing to ensure your cat doesn’t have a concurrent illness that requires therapy.

Many instances will clear up with some added fiber and water within the cats’ diets. Nevertheless, if these don’t resolve the difficulty inside 24 hours or the situation returns, it’s best to undoubtedly speak to your veterinarian.

Has your cat ever suffered from constipation? How did you deal with it? Tell us within the feedback under!


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