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Cat Scooting — Why It Occurs and What to Do

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Scooting, which is the well mannered time period for a pet dragging his butt alongside the bottom, is seen extra usually in canine, however cat scooting occurs typically, too. Often, this implies a cat’s rear is itchy or irritated. Slightly detective work will help you resolve the trigger behind all that cat scooting.

1. Cat Scooting Occurs Due to Worms

A cat looking backwards at his butt.

There are a number of causes for cat scooting. Images © GlobalP | iStock.

One of many extra widespread causes for cat scooting is intestinal parasites. “Tapeworms is the one which I often consider,” says Cynthia Karsten, DVM, outreach veterinarian for the Koret Shelter Medication Program on the College of California, Davis, Faculty of Veterinary Medication’s Heart for Companion Animal Well being. Different parasites can also trigger itching and scooting. With tapeworms, you may see proof in your cat’s poop (tapeworms appear like grains of white rice), however some parasites can’t be seen with the bare eye. Different indicators of a parasite infestation embrace diarrhea or constipation, weight reduction and a potbelly.

2. Allergy symptoms Can Trigger Cat Scooting

In case your cat has allergy symptoms that trigger itchy pores and skin, the itchiness may lengthen to all of the areas of the physique, together with her rear finish. Though it’s doable for cat allergy symptoms to be brought on by an intolerance to sure proteins in meals, environmental allergy symptoms are extra often seen in cats. “With canine we take into consideration eating regimen,” Dr. Karsten says. “Cats simply don’t appear to have the identical meals allergy symptoms that canine do, so it’s not as widespread.” Environmental allergy symptoms in cats might be brought on by mud, pollen, mould, mites and even fleas.

three. Cat Scooting Occurs Due to Anal Gland Points

Cats appear to have fewer anal gland points than canine. That stated, cat scooting may point out points together with your cat’s anal glands. The anal glands are two small inner sacs positioned on both facet of the anus. The glands produce a pungent liquid that’s in all probability a mechanism for marking territory. “They need to, in the event that they’re tremendous, specific each time the animal poops,” Dr. Karsten says.

Generally, irritation prevents this liquid from being expelled when the cat poops. As an alternative, it builds up inside the 2 sacs, the place it may develop into very thick, like a paste. “After they develop into uncomfortable, we see the pet scooting as a result of the animal can’t attain again there, so the most effective they will do is attempt to scoot their bum,” Dr. Karsten explains. “Micro organism from feces can journey up into the sac, however is generally flushed out when the sacs are expelled. In the event that they’re impacted and that micro organism will get in there, then they will get an an infection after which presumably even an abscess.”

What to Do About Cat Scooting

In case your cat is scooting, it’s time for a go to to the veterinarian to seek out out what’s inflicting it. Your vet will do a whole bodily examination, on the lookout for indicators of parasites, itchy pores and skin or issues with the anal glands. “The vet will doubtless need to do a fecal check and presumably a superb deworming, particularly if there’s diarrhea concerned,” Dr. Karsten advises. “She or he may even test for any type of perianal or vulvar irritation an infection. Yeast might be actually itchy. Your vet may need to get a cytology of that space.”

Treating cat scooting relies on the trigger. Deworming ought to deal with any irritating parasites. If the anal glands seem impacted or contaminated, your vet will specific them and presumably deal with them with medicine. Allergy symptoms might be trickier to handle, however as soon as the reason for the allergy symptoms is recognized, your vet will have the ability to prescribe applicable remedy to assuage the itch and put a cease to your cat’s scooting for good.

Inform us: Have you ever ever witnessed cat scooting? What turned out to be the trigger?

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This piece was initially printed on January four, 2018.

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