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Can Cats Eat Cheese? Is Cheese Secure For Cats?

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British shorthair cat in the kitchen waiting to be fed some of her favourite cheese.

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“Can cats eat cheese?” You in all probability ask this in case your cat sneaks some cheese off the desk, if you wish to share a snack together with your kitty, or should you attempt to slip your cat a tablet in a piece of cheddar. Most people can eat cheese, so is cheese secure for cats, too?

The reply to that query is technically sure, most cats can safely eat small, rare servings of cheese. Nevertheless, there are numerous exceptions, so it is rather necessary that you simply seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than sharing cheese–or any human meals–together with your cat.

Some sorts of cheese are safer than others for felines, and an excessive amount of cheese could make your cat very ailing. At finest, cheese is pointless in your cat, and it’s best to keep away from feeding it to them if doable. Some cats shouldn’t eat cheese in any respect, and lots of different human meals could be higher, safer decisions to share together with your cat.

Here’s what it’s best to find out about feeding cheese to cats.

When Is Cheese Dangerous For Cats?


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It’s necessary to appreciate that cheese is just not a pure a part of a cat’s weight loss plan. Whereas cheese comprises fats and protein–which cats want–a wholesome, mostly-meat-based weight loss plan will already fulfill your cat’s dietary necessities. So that they actually don’t ever want cheese.

The potential dangers of feeding your cat cheese nearly all the time outweigh any advantages it would present to them. Cheese that comes from cow’s milk comprises lactose, and most cats are lactose illiberal to a point. Some are extra lactose illiberal than others.

At most, cats ought to solely eat small items of cheese as soon as in a protracted whereas. Though it will not be poisonous or trigger rapid illness in your cat, an excessive amount of cheese can result in extreme problems.

Listed below are just a few methods cheese could be dangerous for cats:

Lactose intolerance. Most cats are lactose illiberal on some degree, however it’s possible you’ll not know the way lactose illiberal your cat is till you feed them a dairy product. In case your vet says it’s okay to present your cat a bit of cheese, begin with a really small piece and see how your cat reacts. In the event that they get sick, don’t feed them any extra dairy merchandise. Cats who’re lactose illiberal might endure from upset abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, or different gastrointestinal points in the event that they eat cheese.Excessive fats content material. Cheese is sort of excessive in fats, and an excessive amount of can result in well being issues in cats, similar to people. Cats who eat an excessive amount of fats can endure from weight problems, coronary heart illness, diabetes, and different problems.Excessive salt content material. Many forms of cheese are excessive in salt, and an excessive amount of salt may cause elevated thirst and irregular urination. An excessive amount of salt over a very long time can result in hypertension, kidney issues, and extra well being points.Different elements. Some sorts of salt include garlic, spices, and different taste components that may be poisonous to your cat. Don’t feed them cheese with any components.

When Is It Secure To Give Cats Cheese?

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For cats who’re extremely lactose illiberal, cats who’ve medical situations that require restricted salt or fats consumption, or cats who’re very younger, cheese might by no means be a secure choice. You have to ask your veterinarian earlier than giving your cat any cheese.

Nevertheless, for wholesome cats who usually are not notably lactose illiberal, it could be secure to share small bits of cheese with them very occasionally–in all probability a handful of occasions a 12 months, at most.

A little bit of cheese could be useful if you have to get your cat to take a tablet and wish to conceal it in one thing tasty so they really eat it. Nevertheless, in case your cat wants common treatment each day over a protracted time frame, cheese is just not the best choice and might make them fairly sick.

The identical goes for sharing a deal with with a hungry kitty. In case your fur child is providing you with the lovable kitten eyes and begging you for a style of your cheese stick, they are going to be higher off should you resist and provide them one other deal with, as an alternative.

Some cheeses are safer than others. Cheeses which are low in salt content material and low in lactose are normally much less dangerous to cats. Swiss, cheddar, and Parmesan are higher decisions than many different forms of cheese.

Softer cheeses are likely to have extra lactose and needs to be prevented. Goat’s milk cheese could also be higher for some cats, as long as it’s pasteurized. Different choices which may be higher for cats embody cheese constructed from almond milk, hemp, or soy, however these decisions have completely different quantities of fats and protein that it’s essential to take note of.

You must ask your vet earlier than giving your cat any of those sorts of cheeses.

What Can I Give My Cat As a substitute Of Cheese?

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If you wish to share your human meals together with your cat, or in order for you a safer deal with to slide them treatment, there are many choices. Once more, it’s essential to ask your vet earlier than sharing these meals with felines and take your cat’s general dietary wants into consideration. If they’ve a strict weight loss plan, you’ll should be cautious.

Additionally, remember that these meals needs to be served to your cat plain. Additional spices, salt, sauces, or flavoring might be poisonous to your cat.

With all of that in thoughts, listed below are just a few meals that may make safer treats for kitties than cheese carefully:

Meats like hen, beef, liver, lamb, or lean deli meatsCooked eggsPumpkin or squashCooked carrots or broccoliBananas, blueberries, watermelon (no seeds)Cooked salmon or tuna

Do you ever feed your cat cheese? What are another more healthy treats that you simply feed your cat? Tell us within the feedback beneath!


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