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Can Cats Eat Avocado?

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Usually confused as a vegetable, avocados are a particularly standard fruit, and never only for millennials! From guacamole to avocado toast, People import 1.73 billion kilos of avocados from Mexico (the first exporter of avocados) annually. With 20 nutritional vitamins and minerals, low sugar content material and excessive ranges of monounsaturated fats, it’s no marvel that avocados are so standard. Primarily, avocados are scrumptious and wholesome for people however what about for our feline companions? Can cats take pleasure in avocados as nicely?

Are avocados harmful to cats?

One of many nice issues about avocados is that they’re secure for cats to eat. Dr. Rebello, Emergency Medical Director with NorthStar VETS advises that  whereas avocados are secure for cats (and canine), they’re extremely poisonous to birds, particularly the pit and the pores and skin. So, in case you have fowl associates, you’ll wish to keep away from sharing the avocado. But when your cat nibbles a little bit of avocado off your sandwich, it isn’t something to fret about. Actually, after speaking with the specialists, we discovered you would possibly even wish to take into consideration including avocado into your cat’s food plan!

Is avocado good for cats?

We  know that avocado isn’t poisonous to cats, however is it truly good for them? Embrace Pet Insurance coverage Claims Director Jenna Mahan defined that “avocado is nice for cats in the identical means it’s good for people.” Particularly, avocado is wealthy in wholesome fat, amino acids and vitamin E, A and B6. She advises that if added to a cat’s food plan, avocado may give cats “a lift of goodness to the pores and skin and hair” along with the opposite dietary advantages.

Can cats eat avocado pits?

The avocado pit or seed is mostly discarded and never eaten by folks, and it’s suggested that you need to maintain the pit away out of your cat as nicely. The excellent news is that the pit itself isn’t toxic (though it might trigger minor digestive misery in your cat); nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not one thing that you just wish to permit your cat (or every other pet in your family) to play with or eat. The actual hazard with avocado pits is that in case your cat have been to ingest one it might trigger an intestinal blockage which may very well be very severe.

What in regards to the pores and skin?

Just like the pit, the pores and skin of avocados is mostly composted or thrown away, and never eaten. If you’re sharing avocado along with your cat, don’t let him eat the avocado pores and skin. As Dr. Rebello explains, the pores and skin may cause abdomen upset or obstruction for cats that eat it.


One of the crucial standard methods folks eat avocados is in guacamole. However Jenna advises that that is one type of avocado you wish to keep away from sharing along with your cat, as a result of guac typically comprises garlic, onion and a wide range of spices that could be dangerous or irritating to your cat’s system.

Giving  avocado to your cat:

In case your cat is a fan of avocado, it’s secure to start incorporating the fruit into your cat’s food plan. The best approach to feed avocado to your cat is to slice the fruit into small items. These small items may be supplied on to your cat as treats or blended into or onto their meals at mealtime. Like with any new deal with, maintain the quantity of avocado small to stop any digestive upset in your cat. Dr. Rebello particularly cautions that any cat who has a historical past of gastritis or pancreatitis mustn’t eat avocado. As a result of avocados are excessive in fats, they may  upset a cat’s abdomen or enhance the chance of pancreatic irritation returning for cats with these preexisting circumstances.

Have you ever shared avocado along with your cat? Tell us within the feedback what your cat thinks of this fruit!

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