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7 DIY Cat Meals Puzzle Toys That Will Preserve Your Kitty’s Mind Lively

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Do you know that making cats work for meals helps maintain them mentally stimulated?

Probably the greatest methods to get cats pondering at dinner time is with meals puzzles, and a wonderful thing about cat meals puzzle toys is that they’re pretty simple to make your self if you don’t need to spend the cash on a brand new toy. Perhaps the puzzle toys you’ve tried haven’t labored to your cat, or possibly you identical to a do-it-yourself mission.

No matter your motive, listed here are seven cat meals puzzle toys which might be simple to make at house.

1. The Paper Towel Roll Ball

Right here’s a very simple toy to make, and the one gadgets you’ll want are a paper towel roll, some scissors, and a few tape.

Comply with the directions within the video above to make a enjoyable little treat-dispensing ball that your kitty can bat round.

This one will permit your cat to make use of their looking instincts and problem them to play for his or her meals, lowering boredom.

2. The Gap-y Container

The video above would possibly make this puzzle appear extra sophisticated than it’s, however mainly it calls so that you can take a easy plastic container, lower paw-sized holes within the lid, and add a bell in case you’d like to provide your kitty one thing further to bat at.

One of many benefits of this toy is that it’ll in all probability last more than the paper towel roll, and it’ll encourage your kitty to make use of problem-solving abilities to get on the treats.

three. The Puzzle Board

The video above doesn’t present directions for making this one, however as you possibly can see, it’s pretty simple to make. All it requires is a flat piece of cardboard that you could glue paper towel rolls and plastic containers to.

You may prepare them in any manner you want, then put some meals within the openings. It should problem your cat to determine easy methods to get on the meals, and it’ll sluggish your kitty down in the event that they eat too quick.

four. The Foraging Cups And Field

The toy within the video above is sort of two toys in a single. You’ll want a slicing utensil, a shallow cardboard field, and some plastic, paw-sized cups. Lower holes within the high of the field for the cups, and put meals within the cups.

Your kitty should use some foraging instincts to scoop the meals out. Then, you possibly can take away the cups and place meals and toys within the field, permitting your cat to bat issues round and use their senses to detect the meals.

5. The Water Bottle

The water bottle toy above is very simple. All it requires is a water bottle with some holes lower into it.

Place meals within the bottle and let your cat transfer it round to launch the meals. Finally you possibly can lower the scale or variety of holes to make it a bit more difficult.

This can encourage your cat to make use of looking, pouncing, and play abilities.

6. Bat The Bottle Feeder

If an everyday previous water bottle appears too easy, you possibly can do this toy that requires a bottle, a rubber band, a skewer, and a plastic ball.

Comply with the directions and your cat can have a puzzle toy feeder at dinner time. That is one other toy that may sluggish your cat down from consuming too quick whereas difficult them to make use of some problem-solving abilities.

7. The Egg Carton

The toy within the video above stands out as the best meals puzzle toy you can also make. All you want is an egg carton. That’s it.

Put meals within the carton and let your cats have at it. You may lower some bigger holes in case you want to give your cat a greater likelihood of scooping out the meals, or you possibly can merely depart the field open and let your kitty use their paws to bat the meals out.

WARNING: You need to all the time keep watch over your cats when they’re enjoying with any of those toys so that they don’t begin chewing them to bits. Not solely does this make a multitude, however it’s a choking hazard. Simply be cautious and your kitty can have a blast with these mind busters.

What sorts of puzzle toys does your cat like? Have you ever tried any of those? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

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