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6 Summer season Security Ideas For Cat Homeowners From Dr. Ernest Ward, DVM

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Summer season is right here, and meaning enjoyable within the solar for us and our four-legged relations.

Whereas lengthy days spent frolicking outdoor create priceless recollections, it may additionally pose hidden risks to your pet.

By following these easy pointers, you possibly can guarantee your cat enjoys summer season safely.

1. Preserve Your Cat Hydrated

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Cats who roam or spend time outdoor within the warmth must drink loads of water.

A cat who turns into 5 p.c dehydrated will develop early indicators of warmth stress, whereas a cat who experiences ten p.c dehydration will probably be severely in poor health.

To keep away from dehydration, at all times have contemporary bowls of water round the home and yard in case your cat goes outdoors. There are various kinds of moveable bowls which are handy to hold for those who journey along with your cat or take your cat locations.

Underneath regular circumstances, most cats swill devour about an oz. of water per pound of physique weight per day. In sizzling and humid circumstances, your cat may have three to 4 instances this quantity.

Cats get lots of moisture from their meals, too, so be certain they get contemporary, moist meals in the summertime months.

2. Cats Can Get Sunburned, So Defend Them

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Cats are vulnerable to the identical injury from ultraviolet rays that people are. That is very true with white or light-colored cats and areas of the physique which are thinly haired, such because the nostril, face, and ears.

The eyes and nostril of cats are extremely vulnerable to break from the solar’s rays as a result of they’re usually flippantly pigmented and often uncovered to direct daylight.

I like to recommend utilizing a youngsters’s sunscreen that accommodates avobenzone–additionally known as Parsol 1789–which is a UVA blocker, and octisalate, which blocks UVB rays.

Keep away from sunscreens that comprise zinc oxide as a result of unintended ingestion might result in a severe situation known as hemolytic anemia in some pets.

three. Chill Out When It Will get Too Sizzling

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On sizzling days, it’s greatest to maintain your kitty inside the place the temperature is regulated.

Even a cat who’s allowed to roam might get trapped in a shed, or below a home the place the warmth is magnified and extra intense. Being trapped with out water can kill a cat on a sizzling day.

Finest to only keep inside the place it’s good, cool, and protected, and there’s loads of ingesting water.

four. Preserve Water Security In Thoughts

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If in case you have a swimming pool, your cat could also be drawn over to have a sip of water. This presents a number of hazards.

Your cat might fall into the water and drown or drink a lot pool water that they get some GI misery.

In case your cat goes out and does drink out of your pool, greatest to get a pool alarm that can warn you if anybody or something falls into your pool.

5. Be Aware Of Thunderstorms And Fireworks

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Summertime, relying on the place you reside, additionally means afternoon thunderstorms and vacation fireworks. Many pets are afraid of loud noises and these occasions set off extreme anxiousness and stress.

In case your pet turns into harmful or behaves abnormally in response to loud noises, there may be assist. Along with nice pharmacologic therapies to assist calm down your pet throughout these anxious instances, there are non-prescription treatments which will assist.

Gradual desensitization utilizing storm recordings work remarkably nicely for many pets.

Rescue Treatment, valerian, melatonin, dog-appeasing pheromone (DAP), and different pure merchandise may assist some cats.

Discuss along with your veterinarian about how you can calm your kitty if she or he is particularly frightened throughout storms. There’s no cause anybody ought to need to cower in a closet or destroy the furnishings from concern.

6. Defend From Heartworms, Fleas, And Ticks

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Lastly, heat climate brings out the pests. Each cat ought to be protected.

Relying on the place you reside chances are you’ll want heartworm prevention year-round. Heartworm illness is deadly if untreated in canines and there’s no remedy for cats.

Along with heartworm preventive, most pets require a flea preventive, particularly throughout hotter months. There are a number of selections, together with newer, extra eco-friendly choices. Many more recent heartworm preventives additionally comprise a flea preventive.

Discuss along with your veterinarian concerning the most secure and simplest flea preventive on your pet.

Cats who stay in wooded areas typically are uncovered to disease-carrying ticks. Many flea preventives may also defend towards ticks. One mosquito, flea, or tick chunk is just too many for any pet. Don’t threat your pet’s well being–and your cash–by permitting your pet to be in danger.

In the present day’s preventives are extremely efficacious and very protected.

Summer season is a good time of 12 months for folks and pets. The actions you share along with your pets this season will final a lifetime. Be good and protected, and break a sweat!

What different suggestions do you need to preserve cats protected in summer season? Do you construct any recollections along with your cats this season? Then tell us within the feedback beneath!

Ernest E. Ward, Jr., DVM is the proprietor and chief-of-staff of Seaside Animal Care, a nationally acknowledged award-winning small animal follow.


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