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10 Pure Flea Remedies And Repellents For Cats

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A young white kitten scratches herself.

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There are various commercially obtainable drugs to deal with and forestall fleas, however some cat homeowners depend on pure flea remedies for cats to keep away from potential uncomfortable side effects and over-medication.

You need to seek the advice of together with your veterinarian to provide you with an answer to struggle fleas that works for you and your feline household. Don’t change remedies–and positively don’t cease therapy altogether–with out speaking to knowledgeable who is aware of your cat’s particular person wants.

Listed below are ten pure flea remedies and repellents that many cat lovers have discovered success with.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar has many makes use of and is efficient for eradicating allergens and yeast that may trigger itching and rashes.

As a flea therapy, it isn’t prone to kill fleas, however it is going to make them soar off of your pet. It shouldn’t be used on open wounds.

A diluted combination of two components apple cider vinegar, one half water may be put in a twig bottle, or you’ll be able to dip a comb in it and brush the fleas out.

2. Cedar Chips

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There are specific scents that fleas hate, and cedar is certainly one of them. You may place cedar chips round your cat’s bedding, however bear in mind that some cats additionally hate the odor of cedar.

You can too place cedar chips outdoors your own home in gardens to maintain fleas at bay.

Some advise utilizing a bandanna dabbed with a drop of cedarwood oil blended with a drop of alcohol to create a pure flea collar.

three. Rosemary

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Fleas hate rosemary. You may grind the leaves right into a powder and sprinkle it round areas the place your cat sleeps and performs to assist preserve fleas away.

It may also be used as a wash that may present itch aid when you boil the leaves in water, enable the combination to chill, and let your cat soak it in. It has anti-inflammatory properties that ought to soothe the itch.

four. Aloe Vera Juice

Cat On Retaining Wall

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Aloe vera juice is a pure flea repellent, and a few combine it with cayenne pepper to create a twig that may be utilized to your cat’s coat. Clearly, keep away from getting it in your cat’s eyes.

Aloe vera additionally has a cooling impact that may soothe sizzling spots and alleviate itching.

Remember that components of the aloe plant are poisonous to cats, although the gel is usually not. The white sap, referred to as the latex of the plant, is harmful for cats to ingest.

For those who develop your individual aloe vegetation, preserve them out of your cat’s attain. In case you are involved that aloe could be harmful in your cat, chances are you’ll want to strive the opposite options for fleas on this record, as a substitute.

All the time discuss to your vet earlier than giving your cat flea remedies.

5. Lemon Spray

Sleeping Kitten Rests on Lemon

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Citric acid is a pure flea killer, and lemons are filled with it.

To create a twig that may work on even delicate pores and skin, boil a reduce lemon in water and let it soak in a single day. You may then apply the combination to your cat’s coat with a twig bottle, however keep away from getting it in your cat’s eyes and don’t apply it to open wounds or scratches.

A cup of lemon juice may also be used within the laundry machine if you wash your cat’s bedding to kill any fleas or flea eggs which might be nonetheless left over.

6. Lavender

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Lavender smells good to most people, however it smells horrible to fleas. You may develop it in your backyard to maintain fleas away, or you may make it into a twig in your cat to naturally repel fleas. Soak it in water over evening, pressure it, and use the liquid in a twig bottle. Keep away from the eyes, nostril, and mouth.

You can too dip a comb within the combination and comb the fleas away.

Persist with lavender from the precise plant. Lavender important oils may be poisonous to cats, as they’re very extremely concentrated.

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus), fresh leaves, dried leaves, and phial of essential oil

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The usage of eucalyptus as a flea repellent is controversial, as it might be poisonous for cats, and a few cats could also be allergic. It does, nevertheless, repel fleas.

It’s finest to maintain eucalyptus in a jar out of your cat’s attain and permit the scent to waft round the home. You may even put a lid with holes on it to stop your cat from reaching the leaves whereas nonetheless permitting the odor to flee. Many cats hate the odor anyway and received’t go close to it.

For those who reside in sure areas like Australia or California, you’ll be able to develop eucalyptus in your yard. Simply ensure your cat doesn’t have entry to the eucalyptus vegetation if they’re allowed to wander outdoors.

eight. Salt

Fine Himalayan pink salt

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Finely floor salt can dehydrate fleas’ our bodies and kill them. It’s efficient for killing any fleas and eggs which might be left in carpet.

Unfold it over your carpet and brush it in. Enable it to sit down for as much as two days. Don’t let it sit for lengthy when you reside in a sizzling or humid space, or your carpet might be moist and musty.

You can too use salt water to wash onerous surfaces or combine it in with family cleaners.

9. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth against a wooden background

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Diatomaceous earth is a pure rock shaped by fossilized algae. It’s best to use meals grade diatomaceous earth, as it’s secure for people and pets, even when breathed in.

For bugs, nevertheless, it wreaks havoc. It’s abrasive to their exoskeletons and dehydrates them. Fleas to not develop an immunity or tolerance to it.

Diatomaceous earth can be utilized outside or indoors on dry surfaces. It must be unfold in a tremendous, even coat and may be vacuumed up after two to a few days.

Don’t use it straight in your cat, as it may dry out pores and skin.

10. Vacuum, Wash, And Do Laundry

A Cat sits in front of a vacuum with a tangled cord.

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Fleas lay eggs in all places. Some of the obligatory methods of combating them is to scrub totally.

You’ll have to vacuum weekly and get rid of the bag outside. This can assist break up the flea life cycle, and when used along with diatomaceous earth and salt, it may be efficient.

Wash each floor and all furnishings weekly, as effectively. Launder your cat’s bedding simply as incessantly. You need to use lemon juice, vinegar, or regular laundry detergent with sizzling water. Fleas lay eggs deep, so it might take a very long time to utterly be rid of them.

What different options do you’ve for eliminating fleas? Have you ever tried any of those strategies? Tell us within the feedback under!

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